SEI CONTRERAS ENGINEERING is born in 1998 as the result of the merger between two Argentine market leading companies that provided design and construction of equipment and turn-key plants for the food and chemical industries, focusing on evaporation and drying processes, thermal and energy technologies, as well as air treatment equipment.

We provide complete design, engineering, construction, assembly and commissioning of falling film evaporators, rising film and forced circulation evaporators, spray, rotary and flash dryers, as well as their complementary equipment.

We have 54 years of expertise in the capital assets markets, with world-class technology applied to more than 500 plants across South America in the dairy, concentrated juice, corn by-products, chemical and meat industries.

Our main goal is not only to provide process equipment, but also to offer the best processing solution, custom made to our clients needs. Our staff is the source of our success. Their expertise and abilities, motivation and flexibility are the fundamentals of our competitiveness and future growth of SEI CONTRERAS ENGINEERING.


It was founded 54 years ago in the city of Santa Fe in Santa Fe province, Argentina, heart of its main dairy basin.
SEI S.A. specializes in process engineering for the dairy industry, becoming the pioneering Argentine company in the design and construction of milk and whey powder and concentrates, both processes based in the evaporation and spray drying operations, later developing the chemical and meat industries.

Ing. José Contreras y Cía S.A.

It was born in the city of Buenos Aires 34 years ago.
The company specializes in thermal, energy and process technologies.
Ing. José Contreras and Co.S.A. begins in the food industry, focused on the apple, citric and grape juice concentrate processes. Afterwards, it extends its expertise to the corn by-products, minerals and organic chemicals industries.


  • Planning, Coordination and Execution of projects in various industries and processes
  • Anticipation and foresight
  • Experience and Focus on evaporation and drying processes, in order to obtain concentrated fluids and dry powders
  • Flexibility and agility
  • Basic and detailed engineering, construction, assembly and commissioning executed by an cross-disciplinary team comprised by Chemical, Industrial, Food and Mechanical Engineers and Speciallized Planners