Quality Policy

In SEI CONTRERAS we are dedicated to the design and installation of process plants for the food and chemical industry; we also provide solutions in research and development of new processes.

Our quality policy manifests through our firm commitment towards the customer: constantly trying to satisfy their requirements and expectations and always guaranteeing a culture based on the principles of quality, honesty, human resources care and commitment towards continuous improvement.

In order to fulfill our policy we have established the following guidelines:

  • To develop technological proposals adjusted to the customers' explicit and implicit needs.
  • To protect and promote the human resources, securing the personnel's development capacity and essential competence.
  • To produce reliable processes in order to ensure the quality and the best cost to benefit ratio of the product and/or service.
  • To maintain and continuously improve our quality system based on the requirements from the customers and the organization itself.

The quality policy is disclosed and understood by the whole Organization and its faithful fulfillment is regarded as the commitment with a style and fashion of working developed by SEI CONTRERAS Ingeniería.

The policy will be revised every time the Direction considers it appropriate, in a way of keeping it constantly in terms with to the objectives of SEI CONTRERAS Ingeniería.