Scope of Supply

At SEI Contreras Engineering we are committed to deliver custom made processing solutions according to each customer´s needs and requirements. We provide the design, engineering, construction, assembly and commissioning of equipment for the food and chemical industries, based on in-house technology acquired through 54 years in the market.

  • Equipment for evaporation and drying processes. Falling film evaporators, rising film and forced circulation evaporators. Spray, rotary and flash dryers.
  • Complete turn-key processing plants.
  • Process equipment optimization, upgrading, reforms and repairs for our machines or other brands. Plant capacity increases and energy consumption optimization.

Basic Engineering and Design

  • In-house technology for evaporators and dryers focused on energy efficiency
  • Mass and energy balances
  • Required utilities and consumption
  • Technical specifications and quantities of each component involved

Detailed Engineering

  • Based on ASME / TEMA standards
  • Process Flow-sheet
  • 2D and 3D complete plant layout
  • P&ID
  • Main and secondary equipments
  • Pumps, valves and complete piping design and layout
  • Electrical schematics and electric command and control panel
  • Process control and automation
  • Supporting structure, inspection platforms, stairs and access points

Construction Schedule

  • Complete Project Schedule from Basic Engineering to Commissioning
  • Based on GANTT diagram jointly agreed with each customer
  • Critical equipment purchasing analysis
  • Construction Certificates Planning
  • Assembly and utilities tie-In planning

Procurement and Construction

  • Materials and plant components purchasing
  • Complete equipment including supporting structure and platforms, pumps, valves, electric command and control panel, process control and automation
  • All parts in contact with product or its vapors made of SS 316 or SS 304, internal sanitary polishing
  • Supporting structure and shoes made of carbon steel, conditioned and painted according to customer specifications
  • Permanent supervision of construction operations
  • Equipment tested before approval for dispatch

Assembly and Commissioning

  • Mechanical, electrical and instrumentation assembly. Tie-ins and utilities connections
  • Performed by specialized personnel from SEI Contreras Engineering
  • Equipment checking and testing before assembly
  • Sectorized testing of the equipment before commissioning
  • Customers' operators training after commissioning performed by personnel from SEI Contreras Engineering

Exporting Capacity

  • Vast experience in construction, assembly and commissioning all over South America
  • Partial shipments coordination based on construction schedule and certificates
  • Supervision of local assembly teams